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The following Divisions have Standings currently available for Matches scheduled after 9/26/2020. Click the appropriate "Key" to obtain a detailed results listing or the standings Symbol in the Summary column for summarized and ranked results for the desired grouping.

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19/13/2021-9/20/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO302MO4
29/19/2021-9/26/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO302SU6
39/9/2021-9/23/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO302TH5
49/8/2021-9/22/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO302WE9
59/24/2021-9/24/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO303Fr1
69/13/2021-9/20/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO303MO5
79/19/2021-9/26/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO303SU6
89/7/2021-9/23/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO303TH12
99/7/2021-9/21/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedO303TU11
109/13/2021-9/20/2021Seattle RATSAdultFallCoedOpen1MO4
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