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236775/6/2021Seattle RATSFlying Circus vs X The Unkno...0-7
236745/6/2021Seattle RATSSin Pantelones vs Woo-Tang7-2
236815/6/2021Seattle RATSNine PM Bedtime vs Enraged W...6-6
236835/6/2021Seattle RATSButter Boys FC vs UnReal Mad...4-3
236825/6/2021Seattle RATSWashed Up vs Seattle Hawks7-1
236865/6/2021Seattle RATSQuentin vs The Mammerz0-9
236845/6/2021Seattle RATSBallerz (Thurs) vs Blacklist...3-2
236805/6/2021Seattle RATSBroadview Ballers vs Hungry ...0-3
236855/6/2021Seattle RATSWolley CF vs Onion Baggers F...0-1
236875/6/2021Seattle RATSOnion Baggers FC vs Balls De...5-2
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