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260789/26/2021FC EdmondsFC Edmonds G09 vs Seattle Ce...1-5
260799/26/2021FC EdmondsFC Edmonds B04 vs Cascade Pr...4-1
261609/26/2021Seattle RATSMotley Crew vs Team Double D...caution2-5
261649/26/2021Seattle RATSFC World United vs Dora Dora...0-4
261619/26/2021Seattle RATSMotrin Mommas vs Team Sloth0-0
261629/26/2021Seattle RATSHankie's Pankys vs Painkille...1-2
260749/25/2021FC EdmondsFC Edmonds B09 vs South Kits...1-1
260759/25/2021FC EdmondsFC Edmonds B08 vs Thurstan C...4-3
260769/25/2021FC EdmondsFC Edmonds B03 vs Seattle Ce...1-1
267099/25/2021SKYCJackson vs Nowak0-0
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