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Sunday Night LIVE: The Referee Pursuit 615p

Sunday Night LIVE: Referee Pursuit Weekend Review 615p 3.24 Topic: Pro Clinic Recap

We designed this forum from your feedback wanting resources for input, tips and discussion. Our...Going

Wed 3.13 -- Referee Pursuit: Advanced Training

March Point of Emphasis: Keep It Simple
March 13 at Broadview Library behind Bitter Lake in Shorline/North Seattle with Christian Clerc - PRO2 AR and Instructor/Mentor will be leading ...Going

Fitness Training Every Wednesday

Referee Pursuit - Fitness Training Wednesday's 13th at Lower Woodland Field 7 track
These Wednesday night workouts are lead by Personal Trainer & PRO Referee - Adorae Monroy!

Seattle Reign FC Fundraiser / Discounted Tickets

Reign FC is supporting our Referee Development Program by offering discounted tickets with a portion of the proceeds aiding our training of local referees! Not only will you witness an exhila...Going

2024 How To Re-Certify Video Instructions

RECERTIFICATION FOR 2024 - To recertify for 2024 and be eligible to work games as of January 1, 2024 use the green arrow link below for detailed video instructions.

The online cli...Going

Referee Payment Process

SKREFS is a pass-through organization and can only pay referees after receiving funds from soccer clients (clubs/leagues). Typically our clients pay within the first 5 days of the month and referee pa...

RATS 8v8 Mod League Rules

Questions on 8v8 rules use this linkGoing

Pay Differential for Grade 5/6 Referees

Pay Differential is in place for all Advanced Referee Grade 5s and 6s. RATS wants to honor your efforts and skill showing their appreciation for your involvement within the league with a $10 ...

Misconduct - Yellow and Red cards

Referees we want to Remind you About Yellow and Red cards Please follow the link below and read the leagues expectations regarding pl...Going

FiVE Pillars of Referring RATS Referee Community

Referees need to embrace these FiVE Pillars of Referring within our community - players, coaches and spectators care deeply about these - do your part to meet their expectations each match:

Fall RATS League Points of Emphasis

Fall Points of Emphasis:
--No Slide Tackles except Men's D1 - sliding for the ball is ok if there is no one around otherwise it is considered dangerous play - you decide for each skill level what 'no one around' means on your match - for lower skill sets that might be 15ft for higher skill sets that might be closer. No slideing in the Penalty Area by any player except the Keeper and their slide must not be dangerous.
-- Shin Guards are required just like any other league - players all know they just forget
-- Fouls - call more fouls than you think you need then back off if they are not needed - players complain we dont call enough especially anything below Division 1.
-- Misconduct - players want us cautioning bad players as needed - misconduct reports are not required unless you have a RC or the YC is for behavior that you think the league needs to know about (too many reckless challenges, knuckleheads and attitudes and such) but a text to Romes/Larry is nice so we can keep track of YCs not reported in case one team is getting too many league wants to know and deal with it.
-- Misconduct Procedure: get their name either from them or captain no need for photo id unless their a knucklehead and you need to manage the time and slow things down, NEW THIS SEASON cautioned need to sub out but can come back in whenever you allow.
-- Games are 90 minutes not 80 or 85 - get started on time, nothing wrong with being nice about it but let them know clock is starting to help them get out there a bit quicker. We gets lots of feedback that referees are not ready to start on time - we know the players are typically not the ones ready - but you know its a point of emphasis so be early and have your pregame hello taken care of before kickoff time then they cant blame you.
-- Keep pace with the players - no walking - way too many complaints about referees walking and and following play into the penalty area and being available if needed

This summer we will have more of our Referee Coaches/Mentors and League Reps out each night observing both players and referees helping to make the league better than it is. Be alert and willing to receive feedback from Coaches/Mentors and also League Reps who will be filling out feedback/evaluation forms. If you've got a question about any feedback or game issues reach out to Romes and/or Larry who are both available and want to help you.

Last reminder - players are your clients - they pay your match fees and if they don't like you they ask to not see you. Too many players asking not to see you we've got to take you out of the rotation for a bit :(

Larry - 206.498.8044

Direct Deposit

Referees please sign up for Direct Deposit with Zelle or ACH as soon as possible. If your bank is not listed online please let us know.

Who We Are

Snohomish-King County Referee Group (SKREFS) partners with regional youth and adult clubs, leagues and referees throughout the greater South Snohomish & King County region with a tradition of excellence in service, quality and value.

Our focus involves innovative pathways for Referee Development and building bridges with our clubs, coaches and players fostering a sense of unity and common purpose with both officials and players/coaches.

We're just getting started here, so watch the What's New Area on the right side of the main page for the latest news associated with the Sno-King Referee Group

Summer Referee Tip - New LOTG 2023/24

As we start our summer season we will be implementing the new updates within the LOTG. Most of the updates won't be that drastic for the players. So part of our summer will be educating players and ourselves on how to apply these changes within the game.

For our own referee development and education we have included several links that should help regarding the 2023/2024 LOTG. This document will also make its way to the our client websites so you can refer coaches/players who need a refresher to their league website. 

1 - 2023/2024 link to the LOTG 

2 - At A Glance -  Summary of the Changes LOTG 

3 - Something new to simplify LOTG understanding - Football Rules by The IFAB 

4 - Changes and Clarifications of the LOTG Power Point Presentation

5 - Mobile Download LOTG -