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Weather Related Issues

If your match is delayed due to weather (example lightning/thunder will require a 30 minute stoppage) the game clock will continue to run. At the end of regulation time the teams can petition their le...

Current Air Quality Index - Augusts 2021

Current Air Quality Index:
Air Quality Index

RATS Summer Schedule Released

RATS Assignments for Week 4 have been assigned and released based on your availability. Please logon and confirm :)

The balance of the RATS summer season has been provided as well and is po...

Upcoming 2021 PSPL / US Club State Cup Events

Upcoming 2021 PSPL/US Club Events

Snohomish-King County Referees - Northwest Soccer Officials (formally South King County Soccer Referee Association) is scheduling officials for US Club WA...Going

FiVE Pillars of Referring RATS Referee Community

Referees need to embrace these FiVE Pillars Of RATS Referring within our adult community - the players care deeply about these - do your part to meet their expectations each match:

1- K...

RATS Referees - Week 3 Update 5.9.21

Referees - thank you for partnering with us and the RATS players/teams. We've had a great first two weeks of return to play with great feedback from teams about referees and also from you about the te...

UPDATE to Coronavirus Policy 5.10.21

UPDATE to Return To Play Policy
Current Ph3G with local Seattle fields as of 5.10.21

Seattle RATS teams are following state, local and league protocols including any local f...Going

Passing of Ben Shamsuddin

On April 14 our Referee and Soccer Community suffered a terrible loss. With deep sadness in our heart we announce that Ben Shamsuddin passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was a relentless...

Reviewing Changes to 2020/21 LOTG

Reviewing LOTG Changes Online
Make sure that you watch this presentation on the current changes to the 2020/21 LOTG - this is a must watch as we ready ourselves to return to officiatin...Going

2021 Certification Online Procedure

Online 2021 Certification is open - please take time and follow the link below (green arrow) to complete your requirements. If you are interested in working games when they start up you will...Going

Summer Zoom Training Sessions

The Washington State Referee Committee will be presenting a series of Zoom Training Sessions to help prepare us for when games start again. All clinics run 7p - 8p and you can register at wareferees.o...Going

2020/21 Laws Of The Game Released

2020/21 Laws Of The Game have been released - take a few minutes and download the Mobile App and also review the other links:

Mobile App -

Monday Night Running Group

Referee Running Group on Monday nights at Garfield HS -- while we are on a bit of a break stay healthy and find some time to continue running. Consider the Monday Night Running Group or find y...

Referee Payment Process

🤑 SKREFS is a pass-through organization and can only pay referees after receiving funds from the soccer clients (clubs/leagues). Typically our clients pay within the first 5 days of the month ...

Winter Points of Emphasis for RATS League

RATS Referees -
Please note the following Points Of Emphasis from the players/league for this fall season:

1. Please make sure you are protecting the Keepers (and other field players too) - there have been too many injuries due to reckless challenges on thru balls, corner kicks and other set pieces. We all know what 50/50 challenges are and that keepers sometimes create their own trouble with their flare for glory as well - but pay more attention to this issue - which means we need to be closer to these type of challenges and feedback from players is we are too far away in many of the situations to help prevent the challenge in the first place - no matter where they happen on the field.

2. Misconducts - player feedback is that we as referees are not issuing enough YCs for reckless and unsafe soccer and that the league in general is getting a bit too rough within some divisions. We all have ways of dealing with players who are not playing safe - some tell players to take a break others yell at them when they act like a knucklehead - those work depending on your personality. But the players want the reckless style of play to get dialed back. We can do our part by issuing a YC for bad soccer which sends a message to all players throughout the league what type of challenges are reckless and that they need to change. It also helps the Discipline Committee to know which players need attention and helps Romes/Larry to properly assign referees to various matches. Please be consistent and punish bad soccer with a YC - AND FILL OUT YOUR MISCONDUCT REPORT ONLINE - IT TAKES 90 SECONDS! "Aprx 70 mins into the Mr Joe Smith earned his misconduct and was cautioned for Unsporting Behavior as a direct result of his reckless challenge on his opponent. Mr Smith ran into the keeper while challenging for a thru ball. He did not recognize his own physical limitations which resulted in the late contact. I had no additional issues with Mr Smith after this event." Copy and paste that for most of your reckless challenges and change the type of contact to fit :)

3. Don't cut time off matches - many players keep track of the time - try and get as close as you can to 45 mins of first half fun even if you start late - getting to 40/42 is ideal. Second half when everyone is tired after 75 minutes of fun is when you can start to cut time due to starting late if needed or again do your best to get 40 mins plus. Its worth noting that the majority of misconducts reported occur after 70 mins of fun and are due to fatigue - even dissent often is a result of fatigue in some manner. Last 10-15 minutes of both halves is where most cards are being issued. Perhaps dealing with 'stuff' earlier in match could prevent some of these?

4. Players provide feedback often on the referee working with them that night. Please be friendly. You dont have to be their friend but you should be friendly. These players are your client - if they dont like you - you dont get to work games with them. If you are not having fun it shows and it will reflect in your ability do your job by keeping pace with the players and keeping them safe. If you cant be friendly - take a break from the adults for a while - they notice it and let us know :(

If you didnt notice already - the above Points Of Emphasis for this fall season can all be traced back to our FiVE Pillars Of RATS Referring within our adult community that we have been highlighting during 2019 - the players care deeply about these its where all their feedback about the match comes from - do your part to meet their expectations each match:

1- KEEP THEM SAFE - call appropriate fouls for the skill sets of the players that night.
2- BE NICE & FRIENDLY - even if the players are not.
3- KEEP PACE WITH THEM - even if there is not much to do. Players notice when we are lazy.
4- BE ON TIME - start on time and get them as close to their 90 minutes of fun as you can.
5- MISCONDUCT - Caution bad soccer Send Off when deserved. And write your report it takes 3 minutes TOPS.

Questions - let us know - Romes/Larry XXOO

iPhone Issues - let Larry know

If you are experiencing any issues using your iPhone and this website or other Ridgestar Referee sites (SKCSRA, EKC etc ...) please let Larry know as we are working on why this is occurring and ...

Pay Differential for Grade 5/6 Referees

Pay Differential is in place for all Advanced Referee Grade 5s and 6s. RATS wants to honor your efforts and skill showing their appreciation for your involvement within the league with a $10 ...

Parking Added to Match Fees

Your parking fees for Marymoor Park ($1) and Bobby Morris (variable) will be added to your match fees. Thank you for making the effort to get to these fields - we appreciate it.

RATS Rule Highlights

SHIN GUARDS are required by all players. Please confirm with team captains prior to the start of the match that their players are all properly equipped. If you notice during the match someone without ...

Field Issues - No Shows, Lights, Double Booked and

Field Issues - if there are issues at the field (double booked, lights, etc ...) follow this procedure:

1- If one or both teams do not show at the field contact RATS Administrators (Romes/L...

New Self Assigning Criteria

PROFILE - please update your profile to include your USSF Number, Direct Deposit and other data. Without this info your self assigning ability is limited. If your bank is not listed please let Larry k...

Misconduct - Yellow and Red cards

Referees we want to Remind you About Yellow and Red cards Please follow the link below and read the leagues expectations regarding pl...Going

Direct Deposit

Referees please sign up for Direct Deposit as soon as possible. If your bank is not listed online please let Larry know -

RATS Affiliation with USSF and USASA through USSSA

Seattle RATS is affiliated with US Adult Soccer and USSF through USSSA Soccer. There are no rosters to check nor player cards to deal with. League Rosters are all digital and on file with the league. ...

Who We Are

We partner with clubs, leagues and referees throughout the greater South Snohomish & King County region focusing on the state's largest adult soccer club - Seattle RATS - with almost 300 teams and nearly 4,00 adults. Additionally, there are a number of youth clubs partnering with us.

Our focus is on innovative pathways for Referee Development and Building Bridges with our teams and players as our clients week to week helping bring unity and common purpose with both the officials and players/coaches. We're just getting started here, so watch the What's New Area on the right side of the main page for the latest news associated with the Sno-King Referee Group

Summer Referee Tip Week 1 - New LOTG 2019/2020

As we start our summer season we will be implementing the new changes within the LOTG. Most of the changes won't be that drastic for the players - some of them will know most will not. So part of our summer will be educating players and perhaps ourselves as well on how to apply these changes within the adult recreational game - which could be different than how we apply them on our competitive youth matches. Please be patient during the transition - let's be kind in our explanations and supportive of previous refs who may have had a different application last week for a similar situation. We have routed these changes to all the managers and we will run weekly updates focusing on a new topic throughout the season to help with education.

For our own Referee Development and education we have included several links that should help regarding the LOTG. This document will also make its way to the RATS website so you can refer players who need a refresher to their league website.

1 - Here is a link to the LOTG -

2 - At A Glance - Summary of the Changes LOTG -

3 - Full Listing of Changes and Clarifications of LOTG -

4 - Power Point Presentation of the Changes and Clarifications of the LOTG -

5 - Mobile Download LOTG -